You’re going to need a cable to connect your microphone to your interface. Thankfully, the world is kind and you can get those in bulk without breaking the bank.

Other helpful things?

inexpensive pop filter
A standard pop filter

A pop filter, just a mesh screen to put in front of the mic. It stops your ‘p’ sounds from popping. If you can’t say “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” without making Gramps remember Normandy, then you need a pop filter. They’re cheap (the one in the link is currently $5), you just clip (or screw) it onto your mic stand and you’re set.

Speaking of which, you *might* need a mic stand. If you’re just doing voiceover work, you might be able to get away with cradling the mic in your gentle hands for now. Eventually you’re going to want to be hands off, though. You can get a straight stand or a boom stand (it angles out on what’s called a boom arm, presumably because someone said “look, if you put this stick sideways across this stick… boom!”). Get a stand. Here’s one that sits right on your desk for $9. Here’s one that swings out from the edge of your desk for $10. Lastly, here comes the boom (if you need your mic at an angle).

How about a pre-amp? A pre-amp basically charges the line between the mic and the interface, making the magnets in the diaphragm ready to go. Technically, every interface has a pre-amp built in, but that’s like saying your Ikea furniture comes with instructions. It may already be in there, but someone whose sole job it is can help you out a long way. Get a helpmate… especially one with a tube (this is no longer a metaphor, get your mind out of the gutter). Tube pre-amps lend some nice analog warmth to what you’re processing, and it’s only like $50 (which is WAY cheaper than other outboard pre-amps, trust me), soit will help, I promise. Get one if you have the budget.

Acoustic dampening is expensive. Hold a pillow behind your mic. Good boy/girl/future robot overlord.

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