Best deals on sound boards for studio AND live sound mixing

This mixer has 8 XLR and 8 instrument-level inputs. For $400. And it’s all digital mixing in-the-box with USB output for the computer.

What a great deal for a sound board that will run live AND studio setup!

Get it, son.

Note: the down-side is that you will actually be doing all of your mixing from an iPad or Android device. However, you’re probably already using one of those, right?

And for an extra $50, you can have all 16 channels dual-purpose: XLR or instrument.

What a beautiful world we live in:


I could drag this out. I could write on this for ages, comparing about twelve “budget” boards. But why would I do that? I don’t want you to buy twelve boards. Dangit, just buy the best one to start out with, and go from there. It’s that simple.

I saw a four-channel USB board for $180, but upon further reading, it turns out that the USB only outputs one copy of the Master track, not even the four separate tracks separately. An interface can do that with a DAW for your board. Stop wasting money. Buy one of the above boards. Trust me.

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